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Introducing YouTranscript: The All-in-One FREE Transcription Solution for Your Video and Audio Content

In today’s fast-paced digital world, video and audio content is becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of podcasts, YouTube channels, and video conferencing, transcribing video and audio files has become more important than ever. That’s where YouTranscript comes in!

YouTranscript is a micro SaaS web application that provides a simple, efficient, and affordable solution for transcribing your video and audio content. With its user-friendly interface, YouTranscript makes it easy to transcribe any video or audio file, as well as YouTube videos, with just a few clicks.

Here’s what YouTranscript has to offer:

Transcription Editor with Speaker Diarisation

The transcription editor is the heart of YouTranscript, and it comes packed with features to help you transcribe your content with ease. The speaker diarisation feature automatically recognises and separates the different speakers in your video or audio file, making it easy to identify who is speaking at any given time. Additionally, the word-by-word highlighting feature lets you see the transcript in sync with the audio or video playback, allowing you to quickly spot any errors or make corrections.

Markdown Editor

Once you have transcribed your content, YouTranscript makes it easy to convert your transcript into a blog post with its markdown editor. This feature allows you to format your transcript with headings, lists, and other styling elements, so you can easily publish your content to your website or blog.

Transcribe from YouTube url, local video or audio file or connect YouTube account

YouTranscript makes it easy to transcribe your videos, no matter where they’re stored. You can transcribe videos from a URL or from your connected Google account. This feature allows you to transcribe videos that you’ve uploaded to YouTube with ease.

Affordable Pricing

YouTranscript offers a simple and affordable pricing model. Upon signing up, users receive 20 minutes of free transcription, and after that, they can pay as they go with a flat rate of £0.05 per minute. This allows users to only pay for what they need and eliminates the need for long-term contracts or hidden fees. With YouTranscript, you can get started for just a few pounds a month and upgrade your plan as your needs change.

In conclusion, YouTranscript is the all-in-one transcription solution for your video and audio content. Whether you’re a podcast host, YouTuber, or video conferencing professional, YouTranscript has everything you need to transcribe your content with ease.

So why wait?

Try YouTranscript today and start transcribing your videos in no time!